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“Sacred News”

“SACRED NEWS” is an ongoing collective of ‘Lady J’s sayings & writings that end up on T-shirts, coffee mugs, plates & items we use every day…

“SACRED NEWS” is devoted to inspiring keeping peoples’ dreams alive as well as their sense of humour…


“Don’t Ever Waste Your Days Not Doing What You Dream To Do”

Don't Ever Waste Your Days



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don't ever sacred news


don't ever mug

“Traumatized by Mediocrity”

JGerard traumatized logo

jgerard cutler-traumatized

JGerard Traumatized by mediocrity


“Fashion is for Skinny Bitches… Not for Happy People…”

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lady j fashion is...


sacred news

“Manners is the Language of Love Amongst Strangers…Politeness is the Language Amongst Sharks…”


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sacred news manners

“Innocence is Bliss…
Ignorance is the Absence of Abundance”



Sacred News Innocence is Bliss

“Increase the Peace”

Increase the Peace Sacred News



From the Things I Haven’t Done”


I'm numb sacred news

I'm Numb Sacred News

I'm Numb Sacred News